Step into the world of Vibe'z Travel Co., your gateway to unparalleled travel experiences. As a comprehensive full-service travel agency, we specialize in crafting inclusive journeys that cater to cultural immersion, cater to first-time travelers, and embrace the spirit of both solo and group adventures.

Vonnie, affectionately known as Vibe, stands as the Owner and Travel Specialist at Vibe'z Travel Co.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Las Vegas, NV, Yvonne's journey into the world of travel began with her first international adventure at the early age of 17. The diverse experiences, cultures, and environments she encountered throughout her life have woven the fabric of her identity. Travel isn't just a passion for Yvonne; it's an integral part of her lifestyle.

Yvonne is on a mission – to open avenues for minorities making the dream of travel a tangible reality. She firmly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore the world, starting with self-discovery.

Having set foot in 10 countries thus far, Jamaica holds a special place in Yvonne's heart as a second home. The unspoken beauty of the country inspired her to specialize in it when she entered the travel industry as a Travel Specialist. The love and admiration of Jamaica makes that a #1 recommendation of places for everyone to experience.

Building a robust network of relationships with unique vendors and locally owned businesses across the nation, Yvonne caters to the diverse preferences of every vacationer. For those considering relocating to Jamaica, she offers a wealth of resources and connections.

As a Travel Specialist, Yvonne's ambitions span beyond the Caribbean. She aims to deepen her understanding not only of the geographic intricacies but also the cultural nuances of locations within the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Mexico. Though it's a monumental task, Yvonne embraces the challenge with enthusiasm.

Clients can confidently rely on Yvonne to coordinate their travels to any destination aligning with their goals, extending beyond the Caribbean. With access to and specialization in various locations, she ensures her clients arrive ready to explore their chosen destinations in a meaningful way.

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